Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Friday night after work Riley and I headed off for the first camping trip of the year! We have usually gone on at least 2 or 3 by now, but for some reason we were late going this year, and we went alone! Mom, Dad, Josh and girls decided to go to the cabin instead.
From the get go I started to wonder if us going was such a great idea. While we were pulling into the gas station on our way out, some guy came flying up the side of the line of cars behind us and almost ran into the trailer, while laying on his horn. He then decided to follow us into the gas station and him and Riley got into a little yelling match. I was a nervous wreck, but luckily neither one of them got out of their vehicles and the guy drove away.
Then on our way down there our truck decided to get a little warm and we had to keep pulling off the side of the road. It never fails that the first camping trip of the year, something or everything always goes wrong.
So then when we got down the Sand Dunes and we were unloading the Motorcycle and 4-wheeler, Riley noticed that the front sprocket on his motorcycle was completely warn down, and he wouldn't be able to drive it. We then finished getting things out of the trailer and went to bed, since our trip down took us so long. It was one of the longest nights of my life, it was so cold.
Saturday morning we got up and had some breakfast, then decided to drive back to Payson to buy a new sprocket so Riley could ride his bike.
When we got back and finished getting camp set-up, Riley's mom and dad pulled in with their 4-wheelers. We were so happy to see them. The 4 of us went on a long ride up to Cherry Creek Reservoir (pictured above).
This would be a picture of our camp! We had a pretty nice little spot. You should have seen some of the "cities" of trailers down there.
This would be Papa Rich sitting by the fire waiting for dinner !

Chris and Riley cooking dinner! We had pork-chops, dutch-oven potatoes, corn, and fruit! I swear we eat so much better when we are camping then we do at home! After dinner Rich and Chris headed home. Riley and I sat around the fire for a little while then decided to go in and watch a movie. While we were watching the movie I noticed a small light outside by the fire. At first I thought I was just seeing things then it started moving. I told Riley I thought someone was out there, and the next thing we knew they hit the trailer. We turned on the outside lights and went out but couldn't see anyone. So we then went back to our movie. About 15 min later they did it again. So Riley went and sat outside to try to catch them, but they never came back. He then came in and decided we should turn the movie and generator off. He thought it was because of the generator that they were bugging us. So he took his Ipod and watched a movie on it instead, while I layed awake in bed, worried they were coming back. So another sleepless night for me!
Sunday morning we got up, had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and headed over toward the dunes. We had a fun time and went on a 30 mile ride. This is Riley one of the times we stopped for a drink break.

When we got back to the trailer, Riley got out his Remote control truck, and played with it while i was making dinner. After dinner we were sitting out by the fire when our little friends came back. They yelled from a far "hey remember last night when I hit your trailer?" Riley's response was; "yeah." Then the kid said, "why don't you come after me and do something about it?" We didn't say or do anything after that but just went on enjoying our fire. We heard them come back again so Riley shown the flashlight in their direction and you could hear them run away, and then take off on their 4-wheeler. It then started to rain pretty good, so that was the end of our little friends.

This morning we got up and made breakfast, then went for another short little ride. When we got back to the camp, Riley decided to get his truck out again and this time made a jump for it. "Boys and their Toys!"

I let Riley play for a little while, then we cleaned up camp and headed home! It was quite the exciting weekend!

Cabin Get-Away!

The week before last Riley was out of town on an install. He left Tuesday and came back on Saturday. So Friday night, I snuck away to our cabin in Scofield with my family!

Joslyn immediately found the toy cupboard!

Then "Little Miss Princess" (who has us all wrapped around her little finger) wanted to go for a walk, so since the rest of my family was busy un-winterizing the cabin I got to go for a walk with her.

The Princess wanted Mac & Cheese and Cheetos for dinner, what the Princess wants the Princess gets.

Okay so as my dad would put it I'm a "Guppy Aunt." I found these princess cupcake holders, therefore the Princess and I needed to make cupcakes. She was such a big helper!
While Jojo and I were busy playing, her Daddy (my big-brother) was busy vacuuming! Yeah not a site you will see everyday, I had to capture it on my camera!
Mom, of course was busy making dinner for all of us!

Dad, too with a vacuum, out on the front porch!
Saturday morning before I headed home we made the icing for our cupcakes! And of course we had to eat one or two! Joslyn ate enough icing for 10 cupcakes, but only ate about 1/2 of a cupcake!

She then went over and made a slide out of this mattress! We had a water leak when they turned the water on, so we had to pull this mattress out of one of the bedrooms and Jojo loved it!
She has such an imagination, and loves to play hide & seek, and pretend to be sleeping. It was a fun night away. I love this little girl to death, if you can't tell. She has been such a blessing to our family!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Adoption Profile!!!

Our Online Adoption Profile is back up and running! You can click on the link to the right to see it!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's day to all of you great mom's out there.
We had a really good day. We got up early and went to Chris' Sacrament meeting to hear her talk. She did an Awesome job. Thanks Chris you will never know how much your talk really meant to me.
After the meeting we went down to my parents for breakfast.

Dad and Josh made us breakfast burritos and fresh fruit. It was so yummy. We ate on the back porch and it was a very warm morning. This is Riley relaxing under his umbrella.

And this is my awesome big brother Josh, working on his tan. =)

My Grandma and Grandpa joined us for breakfast. This is my grandma reading her book I gave her. It's a children's book called "What if there were no Grandmas." I thought it was the cutest book. My grandma has always been there for me, I love her so much and this book had a couple blank pages at the back for me to write in so I got to express to her just a little bit of my appreciation for everything she has done for our family. I love you Grandma!

My mom got many fun gifts. This Willow Tree doll is one I got for her to show her how much she means to me. She has always been one of my best friends and she is always there for me. I don't know how I could have gotten through many of my trials include the one we are going through right now without her. Thanks for everything mom, I love you!We then went up to Riley's parents for dinner. His dad made yummy steaks and baked potatoes. This is Riley hiding from our nephews who he started a "tin foil" fight with. Every time we eat baked potatoes with the family the tin foil ends up being used as weapons.

This is Chris my loving mother-in-law. I couldn't have asked to marry into a better family. Chris is so giving and so thoughtful. She does a lot for our family. Thanks for everything Mom We Love you!

I can't go without mentioning my Sis-in-laws. For not having any sisters growing up I have been blessed with the best sisters ever. These 3 wonderful women really are sisters to me. They have all been so great. They've always been there for me through thick and thin. It's fun to talk to them about the little things that drive me crazy about Riley because their husbands are the same way. For being the "black sheep" in the family Riley really is a lot like his big brothers. Thanks Jane, Laura & Mel. I look up to all of you for the amazing women that you are. And most of all for the Wonderful Mothers that you are. You are all great examples to me. Thanks for everything. I love you!

Sunday was also Chris' birthday. Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Sunday May 11th was Riley's mom's birthday. However these pictures were taken back in April. We all went in and bought her a golf pass to Hobble Creek Golf Course and decided to give it to her early so she could start using it.
I loved her reaction it was so cool, she was way excited.
Grandma Crandall, Laura, Payton and Greg
Jantsen and Papa Rich.

A Day Away!!!!

Saturday Riley decided we needed to get out of town. So Saturday morning he let me sleep in, but he got up early and got the 4-wheeler and motorcycle loaded on the trailer. I then got up and
we headed off to the sand dunes.
We had a really fun day. It was so nice to get away.
Riley even let me ride his bike for awhile.
We stopped under the shade of this tree to have a drink and a snack.
It was a really nice day. Thanks honey for getting me out of town for a day!

Congratulations Carter Family!!!

We are so happy to say that we were Lucky enough to get to go through the Temple with our Best Friends. Dylan and Carly received their Endowments at the Provo Temple on Saturday April 26th. It was so neat to be there with them for this special time!

After the session was over we all went to Los Hermanos for dinner.

This is our "Family Picture." We spend so much time with these guys that when we're together we're called "The Carpe family." There kids are so excited for us to adopt. Their always asking us when they will be getting a new brother or sister.

The following Saturday May 3rd their cute little family got sealed. This would be them waiting to go in. Left to Right: Dylan, Grady, Ally, Carly, and Brennan. While Dylan and Carly were getting ready Riley and I were lucky enough to go into the nursery with the kids. Riley played with them while I got them dressed in white one by one. This was one of the neatest experiences of my life. I'm so grateful to have such good friends. I will cherish these memories forever. The sealing was Awesome. I can't wait until Riley and I can take our precious children to the Temple with us.

This would be my cute parents, waiting outside. My dad is standing on his tip-toes in this picture and that's why my mom leaning sideways. He's barely taller than her, so it's a running family joke.

After taking the picture of my parents I wanted one of me and Riley. He was talking with Matt Gammell and they jokingly posed for our picture, but because of the delay on my camera I didn't get a better picture then this.

This sun was really bright can ya tell?

Here's the cute little family all dressed in white!

This is one of my favorite pictures. The sun was so bright so before every picture the kids would close their eyes until the photographer would count to 3, then they would open and smile so big.Dylan and Carly were so happy.
They are such a cute family!
Thanks guys for letting us spend your special day with you.
After the sealing we all went back to their church for a luncheon. My mom and dad brought Joslyn with them. Riley was so cute playing hide and seek with her. All and all it was an AWESOME day!!!

Online Adoption Profile!

We've had a little mix-up! If you try to click on our online adoption profile to the right you won't get our profile. Apparently someone at LDS Family Services thought we had gotten our baby so they deleted our profile online. So we are having to redo everything. They actually have a guy that is a Graphic Designer who is helping so hopefully it will be bigger and better. We are hoping it will be up within the week. We will keep you posted! Thanks again everyone for your love and support through this time, we are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends!

P.S. I have like 3 post I need to get up, so I will be updating soon!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whose bike is better?

Okay so now that we both have Motorcycles, we need you our Family and friends to help us end this argument of whose is better! (okay we really haven't been arguing but we thought this would be fun.)
Here's Riley on his 1998 Yamaha WR400!
Which he bought on KSL and we had to drive all the way to Idaho to pick it up!
And here I am on my 1977 Honda Trail 90! Which used to be my grandfathers, and was given to me on my birthday (and the money is going towards our Adoption!)
Okay now we need all of you to vote off to the right on which one is better!
Thanks guys, We're excited to see the outcome!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

April is a busy birthday month in our family! Our sis-in-law Laura's birthday is on the 20th, Riley's dad (Papa Rich) is on the 24th, and my Dad and I share the same day on the 28th! That's right I am "Daddy's little birthday girl" and always will be!

Sunday night we had a dinner over at my Mom and Dad's for my Dad's birthday! This is him diggin into his "whip cream cake" that Grandma Evey made for him! He all but ate the whole thing himself, he didn't want to share!

We love to be outdoors and camping so we gave him a camp/kitchen set and this fun little toss game! This is Riley & Josh playing with Brittany (friend of the family).

Monday night Riley planned a big BBQ/dutch oven dinner with our Family and Friends for my big 25th birthday!!!! Above is Laura opening her b-day present from us!The kids had fun playing on our new/old playground that one of my dad's friends gave to us!
This would be our wonderful friends: Carly, Dylan, Jeffery, Lacey and Baby Wyhatt!
This is my bestest little buddy Grady! Ever since he was a baby he has been my little man! And next to him would be my Squirrel. Dylan caught this thing in his backyard and thought it would be funny to give it to me for my birthday! It was fun during the party, the kids loved it but I made him take it home with him! Not really my 1st choice for a pet!
Okay did I mention I totally got Spoiled this birthday? My family spoiled me rotten and they all kept saying "you only turn 25 once!"
I got many great gifts but here is just a few of the big ones!
This would be my Grandpa Wayne's old Honda! Josh fixed it up and was getting ready to sell it on KSL when I went over to my grandparents and told them I wanted it! I was planning on paying for it, but instead on my birthday My grandparents & Josh told me that it was mine, and I had to put the money I was going to buy it with in my "baby fund!"
And this would be the most adorable thing ever! My sweet brother built me this changing table for our nursery. And mom made the cover, and basket liners. It matches our crib so well! I will post pictures of that later! "Thank you Josh, Mom & Dad!" I love it! My family also gave me an awesome jewelry box!
And this I am holding in my hand would be my new pink & purple 22 shotgun that my Loving husband made me! We saw one in a catalog awhile ago and I teased him that I wanted it. (mind you it wasn't cheap.) So instead he made me one! I was shocked! It is so cool, I can't wait to go shoot it! He also gave me many little things for the house!
Thanks everyone for making my Birthday the best ever! I love you all!