Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boys will be Boys... "Redneck Rally"

Okay so let me explain...A couple of months ago, Riley and his friends at work got this wild idea that it would be fun to go race cars. So they all got on KSL and bought these cheap cars, then took them back to the shop where they put bit exhaust pipes on them, roll cages in them and whatever else they wanted to do with them! Then Saturday December 6th we went down to the desert for them to race.This is Riley & Jake's car!
This is a picture of our "convoy" on the way down there. There were 4 cars racing, all being towed on trailers and a whole bunch of spectators.
One of the cars got high-centered!Riley & Jake's car, and Dylan & Zach's car.
Here they all are, lined up and ready to go!

Ryan, Little Riley, Zach, Dylan, Jake, Riley, Jarius & Shawn!

Riley & Jake didn't make it very far in the race. They had some car problems. The other 3 cars raced, I didn't get pictures cause I had my video camera. But it was pretty funny to watch.
Zach & Dylan got a big old gash in the side of their tire! Luckily Dylan was prepared with a bunch of spares!
2nd attempt for Riley & Jake didn't go so well either! The rust on the bumper was dumped out of their gas filter! I think we found the problam!
Surprisingly these boys took very good precautions, preparing for the worse! A roll over! They all had roll cages, they all wore their helmets, and their boss Marc was prepared with a fire extinguisher. But luckily no one got hurt! Oh wait...Riley did get a pretty good bump on his head. But it was when he was loading the car back onto the trailer! I didn't think it was very funny when it happened, but we sure get a kick out of it now!
All & all it was a fun day, even though Riley's car didn't work. They are going to do some more work on it so we can go out another day!
Boys Will Be Boys!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

For Thanksgiving this year we ate with my family! Before dinner was ready we played up in the game room. The boys beat us girls in Foosball, then Riley and I beat Josh & Sommer in pool, and Sommer beat all of us in Darts! We had lots of fun!!!
Josh & his cute Family, playing with puzzles!
Riley wrestling with the kids!!!
Riley & Josh carving the turkey!!!Our dinner table! Sommer, her Grandma & Grandpa! My Grandma & Papa, me, Riley & dad! Not pictured: Mom (she was too busy in the kitchen) and Josh was rounding up the kids!!! It was a yummy meal as always!
After we ate, we sat around and visited for awhile. Then Riley and I headed up to his mom and dads where we stayed until 10:30 visiting and listening to Rich play the guitar and sing! I love to listen to him!
We hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day!!!!

How about them UTES!!!! 12-0

As many of you know Riley's family are HUGE Ute fans!! So we all got together at Greg & Laura's to watch the Utah vs. BYU game! And can I just say what a game!!!!This is our cute niece Ryann all dressed up in her Ute Cheerleading outfit.
Utes are #1!!!!
Greg & Laura have had a feud going over the last few years with their neighbors who are Cougar fans. So when I got to their house I found BYU signs posted everywhere out front and some Blue & White Balloons!!! After the game was over we all took a balloon and a pin and headed over to their house where we sung the Utah Fight Song and popped the balloons at the end!!!BCS Hear we come!!!!
(p.s. we've heard every excuse in the book as to why BYU lost, but just face it Cougar fans, the Utes just brought their game)

Bridal Shower!!!!

I know this is a little late posting, but I haven't had much time to blog lately! Anyway so Friday Nov 21st, Daddy had a triple hernia surgery! This is a picture of him sick in bed and my bestest friend Callie!!!! In her BYU gear (Go UTES!!!)

Then Saturday the 22nd Mom and I threw my very soon to be sis-in-law a Bridal Shower! We had lots of yummy food, and mom and I both made her a cake!!!
Mom's gorgeous wedding cake....
and my Bridal barbie cake!!!
This would be Sommer and the quilt that Mom made for them!!
This is just a cute picture of what Hayden (my soon-to-be nephew) and Joslyn were up to while we were getting set up for the shower!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Nick!!!!

Our nephew Nick turned 7 on November 9th. We got together for cake & ice cream. I got to make his cake for him. He wanted a Football cake so I made one with BYU & UTAH in the End Zones! They all really like the cake! Except for the BYU side, no one would eat it because we are Utah fans, so we gave that piece to Grandma! She's a huge BYU fan!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Disney On Ice!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!

Happy Birthday to the BEST BIG BROTHER I could have asked for! Josh celebrated his 27th birthday on November 5th. We had a dinner for him at mom and dads the Sunday before that.

Josh & Mom cleaning up dinner!

Dad, Joslyn, Grandma & Grandpa eating Birthday cake! Grandma made 3 different kinds of cake for him! Can we say SPOILED!!! Yeah we all are!

This is what Riley did while the rest of us cleaned up!

Here is Josh's cute little family! For those of you who might not know he is getting married in December! We couldn't be more excited!
Joslyn, Josh, Sommer, Hayden & Kaylee!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008!!!

This year for Halloween everyone at work acted like they were going to dress up!!! Well it ended up being just the 3 of us down in billing! Everyone else flaked out on us (thanks a lot ladies!) So here is some pictures of the 3 Amigos!!! I was Princess Buttercup "The Princess Bride!" Aimee is Sally from "The Nightmare before Christmas!" And Carly is a Medieval Princess!!!
Riley didn't dress-up this year! So I brought home another one of Aimee's costumes, hoping I could talk him into wearing it with a wig! But he wouldn't so I ended up changing into it for the night! We went over to mom and dads for a minute to see the girls! Kaylee was a Bride and Joslyn was Tinkerbell!!!
Except for going to mom and dads Riley and I stayed home to hand out candy! Well little did we know (probably because we don't have kids!) It was our wards Trunk or Treat! So we only had 2 trick or treaters, plus Dylan and Carly and their 3 kids and Jeffery & Lacey brought Wyatt over! So now we have lots of extra candy for Riley to eat!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Traditions!!!!

Every year before Halloween we all get together at Riley's mom and dad's and let the kids decorate cookies!!!! The kids love this tradition and we all love getting together to visit. This pictures kind of dark, but this is me smearing icing all over my nephew Payton! I owe the kid lots of torture for posting a really ugly picture of me on facebook. So this was just one way of getting back at him! Revenge is not over yet "watch your back Payt!"Payton, Jantsen and I continued our little food fight outside so we didn't get icing all over Grandma's house. It was fun and we all ended up with icing everywhere. Including our hair. And surprisingly we only ended up with one little injury, Me! I managed to cut the bottom of my foot open! But it's healing and I'm doing good! (as Riley says, it's my own fault for playing outside without shoes on.) I know I'm suppose to be an Adult to these boys, but I just can't help it, I will always be a kid at heart, and they bring that out in me! :0)

Last weekend my sis-in-law had a Fall Gift Boutique at her house! Mom and I were very busy getting stuff ready for it. We had lots of fun things!

We had "Sneekee" Brand clothing and hats.

Tile with Vinyl Sayings, towel bibs, receiving blankets and bibs, stitchery's, cards etc.
Dad made these cute Solar Light lanterns that look really cute sitting on peoples porches & Josh made a really neat quilt rack (that didn't sell.) We actually have lots of things left over, so if anyone is interested in anything, let me know! The boutique was fun and didn't pretty good, just not as good as the last couple years! I'm sure the economy played a big part in that! All and all it was fun though.

Happy 87th Birthday Grandma!!!

I know this is a little late posting but I just got these pictures downloaded! Riley's Grandma C. Turned 87 on October 14th! We had a big family party for her at Noah's in Lindon. Riley was out of town at that time so I went with his parents. It was a fun night, I always like to see all of the cousins and Aunts and Uncles we don't get to see very often. Not to mention a fun place for a party! Happy Birthday Grandma we love you!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blonde or Black????

Okay so since I have known Riley he has had 2 hair colors! His natural which is a brown and blonde, many shades of blonde. Anyway so this last time he had his hair colored the girl totally messed up on it. So he hasn't been happy with it. So jokingly one day he said he was going to dye it black. Well why we were out shopping last weekend he bought some hair dye, and when we got home this is what we did!
So what do you think? Vote to the right, and give us your feedback!!!
It's a NEW (very different) look!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Babysitting JoJo!

Last weekend Riley and I got to babysit my niece Joslyn. She is soooo much fun. Thursday night we had her while my parents were at a wedding. We played cards, Snakes & Ladders and then played with my old wooden dolls (she loved them). We watched movies and she wanted to watch the movie when "Nana was a Princess" That's what says about my wedding pictures. So Riley and I sat down and watched our wedding video with her for the first time since our First Anniversary. Then I pumped her full of sugar and my mom came and got her!

Then Saturday after Riley and I got home from "Christmas shopping" that's right I said Christmas shopping. We are probably 2/3 of the way done! Anyway we got to babysit her again while Josh went to the BYU game. So this time I put her to work. Okay so I was vacuuming and she wanted to help, she was such a good helper. She wanted to watch our wedding video but I talked her out of it. She was so fun, I love this little girl so much I wish we could keep her!!!! (p.s. when Josh came and got her she made him watch our Wedding video at Mom and Dad's, and then made Mom and Dad watch it with her on Sunday) She's so cute and so smart!