Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Cakes!

A couple weeks ago I got to make some cakes for some friends! The first one is a Snow White Cake for my Friend Jen's little girls 4th Birthday!

The 2nd one being a Golf Cake for my friend Aimee's father! Both of these cakes were so fun to make. Specially the Golf cake because Mom and I have never done one like this and when we first got started we didn't think it was going to turn out so great, but neither one of us dared say anything to the other. We are very happy and proud with the way it turned out!

I am looking forward to getting to make more this summer!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jane!

May 30th was our sis-in-law Jane's Birthday! We went to their house for Cake & Ice Cream! So I got to make another cake! I was going to make one like my mom's but Riley insisted I made the following Minnie Mouse cake because Jane LOVES Disneyland! Melanie, Kelly, Jane & LauraThe Kiddos....Porter, Nick, Ryann, Gracie & Brooks!Our handsome nephew Payton!Jeff, Greg, Payton, & Jantsen!The little boys sang Happy Birthday to Jane by themselves, it was really cute!
Porter, Nick & BrooksRiley! Say Cheese!The Minnie Mouse cake!I've been into Polka-Dots lately...can ya tell!
Happy Birthday Janie, we Love you!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

May 28th was my Mom's birthday! We went down to their house for a BBQ that night!Grandpa, Brent (a friend) and Mom!Dad, Brooke (a friend), Grandma & Grandpa!Paige, Caroline & Brittany (Brent & Brooke's Girls) & Joslyn

I got to make my mom's birthday cake! It was fun to decorate it & make it my own!Side view!
Putting the candles on the cake!
Grandma, Brook, Me, Mom, Paige

Make a wish!!!!Mom asked for a new Glider Swing for the kids playground for her birthday! She truly did not believe she was getting it! We had it all put together and an empty box so we put Joslyn in the box and gave that to mom! We let her open her other presents, then brought the swing out! She was so excited! Now she doesn't have to push the kids on the swings all the time, they can do it by themselves!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you tons!!!!

Memorial Weekend!!!!

Over the Memorial weekend we got to go on our first real camping trip of the year! Our dear friends Dylan & Carly and their kids Ally, Brennan & Grady went with us! We headed up Thursday night and didn't come home until Monday afternoon! It was a really fun, well needed relaxing weekend. Even though we did get dumped on by rain we still had a fun time! We went 4-wheeling, read books, watched movies (when it was raining), played cards, roasted marshmellows and starburst... etc! I know this is a picture load, keep in mind this is only like 1/2 the pictures I took!
Dylan brought his trailer up Friday morning! This is right after the guys just got done catching a mouse and throwing it across the creek! That's right ladies....a mouse! As you can tell I quickly got up on the trailer.....I hate those little rodents! We actually had a little family of them right by camp so we saw them often, & I did not like it at all!!!!
Dylan, Riley & Grady
Ally had a blast with Gus! She even got to where she could take him for walks by herself!
Riley, Grady, Gus & Ally

A view of our camp from the road! Dylan's brother Ryan and a couple of his friends came and stayed one night!
Riley cooking our Yummy Dutch Oven potatoes......
& Pork Chops!Dylan bought this little 4-wheeler for his kids! The guys spent a lot of time working on it and trying to get it to run! They finally did on Sunday! Brennan & Ally were great on it. Grady on the other hand got away from us at one point and almost rolled, it was really scary. Dylan caught him right as he was going up a hillside and about to tip over. Luckily no one was hurt!
Riley & Gus hanging out around the camp fire!Brennan, Dylan, Grady, Carly, Me & Gus! We all had our books out reading this night around the campfire except for Riley....he's not much of a reader!Brennan, Riley, Gus, Ally & Grady!Riley & Dylan went on a long Motorcycle ride one day! When they got back the boys begged for a ride so they quickly rode down the road.

Riley & Brennan....Carly & AllyDylan & GradyMe & My Honey!!!The crew on one of our rides! (Carly's parents came up and went for a short ride with us one day!)Kodak Moment!!! (don't mind the wind blown hair!)Riley trying out his dad's new 4-wheeler! We had strict instructions when we borrowed this that I was the only one to ride it.....Sorry Papa Rich, I won't let him do it again!
Dylan & Riley building us a bridge to cross the creek!It worked PERFECT!!!!A view of the beautiful creek that ran right by our camp! We listened to the sound of this the whole weekend, it was so nice! We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go again!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother's Day!!!!

Like I've been saying a lot on this blog lately...."Better Late then never!" We've had a pretty busy month! I want to Start with Mother's Day!
That Saturday night we went over to my mom and dad's for a BBQ.
Dad, Grandpa, Mom, Riley & JoshI made Jello and brought some fun cookie cutters over for Joslyn!Her daddy loved it too!!!Daddy, Grandpa, Riley & Josh!
These guys can never be serious around each other! Some of you may know that my Grandpa has Alzheimer's. It's been really hard to watch him change over the years with this disease. He is now like a little child, I don't know how my Grandma does it! She is an amazing women and I love and appreciate her more then she will ever know! Those of you who know Grandpa know that he has always been a big tease! Well he still is and he is a lot easier to tease back know and these boys take full advantage of that! Thus be the reason why Grandpa looks so silly in this picture, they thought it was fun to keep pulling his hat down over his ears!

We all went in and gave mom the WII fit! So after dinner we all went up and played for awhile. We had a blast laughing at each other doing the hula-hoop and other things!

Dad trying not to fall off the WII board!
Joslyn playing and singing with her Hannah Montana guitar!

Riley getting ready for the Ski Jump! (Soooo Serious!!)
The next morning we went back down to Mom and Dad's for breakfast, and more fun and games!

Riley & Josh relaxing outback!

Josh & Grandma playing ping-pong on the back lawn! This would be that wonderful, amazing women I was talking about earlier! I have to throw out a "Happy Birthday Grandma!" too! Her birthday was on May 13th! Thank you Grandma for everything you do for me and for our family! I love you sooooo much!

Josh taking on Mom in Ping-Pong!

Josh, Riley & Dad!!!! (Don't mind the white guy! That's just daddy, it was a hot day!)

Me and my Beautiful Mother!!! Love you!
After the Ping-Pong tournament we decided to play Boys against Girls in Bosche Ball! (no idea how to spell that!) You guessed it.....The Girls Won! Okay I really don't remember who won, but we had a really fun time playing! Me, Mom, Grandma, Josh & Dad!

Later that day we went up to Riley's Mom and Dad's! It was also Riley's mother's birthday! (May 11th)

Papa Rich did an awesome job cooking dinner for all of us! He wouldn't let any of the boys help this year! Here he is lighting the match on top of Chris' Birthday Hostess Cupcake! Last year she got a snowball, so next year I am making her birthday cake, no arguments Rich!
Riley's attempt of taking my picture! We have quit a few of these pictures with something in front of my face on my camera! It's a new trend!

Laura, Mel, Jane, Me & Chris!!!!

Kelly & Melanie, Greg & Laura, Rich & Chris, Jeff & Jane, Riley & Savannah!

I just want to tell all of those mothers in my life how much I love them and appreciate the examples that they are to me! Mothers day is a very tough day on me, but I have a very loving family and am able to get through it! Thank you! I can't wait until the day I get to become a Mommy myself!