Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love!!!!

I have to take this time to do a shout out to my AMAZING husband!!! Yesterday was his 28th birthday!!! Crazy how fast time goes by, it's hard to believe he was only 21 when we started dating. He is such a wonderful husband, and I'm so blessed to have him in my life. Thanks Riley for being the best husband and friend I could ever ask for. I LOVE YOU LOTS!!! Happy Birthday!!!
I had a BBQ for him with some family and friends!
I think everyone had a good time sitting around visiting, and eating what I thought was yummy food! I made pulled pork sandwiches for the first time, and I thought they turned out pretty good! Not to mention all the other yummy food we had, thanks everyone for your help!
Grandma Evey, Grandpa Wayne & Papa Rich!

The kids surprise surprise had fun playing with Gus! This was so cute, they all lined up to take turns throwing his ball to him. Jantsen did such a good job making him mind and teaching the kids what to do.
This is my gorgeous mother, and the little Butter-Ball she is holding is Jeffery & Lacey's baby Wyatt!!! You would probably never guess, he is only 5 months old, and the happiest baby!!!
Riley opening his many gifts!!! He got spoiled and we are so excited to go to Cabela's so he can spend his gift-certificates everyone gave him.
Lighting the many candles...The singing needed some serious help, I pity anyone that has to listen to our family sing Happy Birthday!!!! I think they do it on purpose to see how bad it can be, it gets worse every time. Riley was cute and let all the little kids help him blow out his candles!!!

Happy Birthday Riley!!!!

Opening Weekend for the Bow Hunt!!!!

Last weekend was the opening of the Bow Hunt!!! We headed up Camping with some friends! We were lucky enough to get to take our niece Gracie with us while Jeff & Jane were out of town. We found out our trailer is fit for 3 or 4!!! She loved sleeping in the trailer and had a lot of fun!
Our set-up! Riley cooking dinner, Josh eating dinner! He rode up just for a few hours (he knew I was making steak and Dutch Oven potatoes, that's why he came :0) I wish he would have stayed but he had to get home to see his girlfriend, Summer.

The kids had fun playing with Gus. As long as he didn't get to close, they stayed just far enough away from where he was tied up. They also had a blast catching Grasshoppers (NOTICE: the girls have gloves on, they wouldn't catch them without 'em)

Gus, Gracie, Ally, Grady & Brennan

In between Hunting trips the boys found time to sit and visit with us.

The kids also had fun painting rocks!
Gracie, Brennan, Grady & Zack!
While we were all visiting Jake snuck away to take a nap! Well Zack took the kids in to PAINT him......

This was the outcome. He woke up as they went into the trailer, but he was a good sport and let them get him anyway!
The next day Zack snuck away to take a nap, and the kids decided to get him too. He ended up with a pink mustache, they were good sports to play with the kids. (By-the-way Ladies, their both single :0)

Sunday before coming home we took the kids on a 4-wheeling ride. We stopped by a little stream and let them play for awhile.

Brennan, Ally, Gracie and Grady

It was a fun weekend! I'm so excited hunting season has started!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Okay, I'm a dork....

Okay, So I'm a total dork! Have you ever had a craving to just make something or do something? I've been itching lately to make a cake, but I haven't had a reason to make one. So last night I decided to bake one, and I decorated it tonight! I was going to use this cake to work on my decorating skills, but instead I was a total dork, and made a silly cake. I had really good intentions, but this is what I ended up with. I know it kind of looks like "wilson", and you can't really tell but it says "Sav loves Riley". Riley came into the kitchen where I was just getting started and asked me what I was going to do, I looked at him and just said "I don't know whatever comes to mind." well... nothing came to mind. So I sat there watching the Olympics and racking my brain and decided to just do this. Riley came into the room about 10 minutes later and looked at it, then looked at me, and I said I have no idea what I'm doing! His response.......... obviously!!!
So here it is my Rainbow/Wilson/love cake! hee hee hee :0) (hopefully it taste good, we will see.)

Aren't they pretty????

Aren't they pretty????
I was having a couple bad weeks so my loving parents sent me these gorgeous daisies to remind me to keep my head up! Isn't it funny how simple little things like flowers can bring a smile to your face. Thanks mom and dad! And thanks to the rest of our family and friends for your loving words and prayers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moon Lake "Out of this world, but still in Utah!"

Warning: There is A LOT of pictures on this post! :0) Every year my mom's family (her siblings and their kids, and their kids etc) go camping for a week at Moon Lake! I love this freakin place, it is so pretty, and so much fun to be with everyone. Unfortunately Riley and I were only able to go down Thursday-Sunday!Friday I got up and made cinnamon rolls! Joslyn loved them so much, she ate 4 of them herself! You can't really tell, but her face is covered with icing! She even stole Grandpa's out of his hand!The girls had fun all week "painting rocks!" Joslyn, Kate, Kaylee and I!
Apparently the fishing wasn't very good earlier in the week, but there were lots of pot-guts! So dad decided to show the kids how to fish for pot-guts! It's kind of hard to tell in this picture but Riley is holding Joslyn's Princess fishing pole with a pot-gut on the end of the line by it's foot! (don't worry we didn't hurt them)While Riley was catching pot-guts I was making a family favorite! (peanut-butter rice krispies with chocolate/butterscotch icing)! I left a little icing in the bowl and handed it over to the kids with spoons! This is just one result! Notice the sugar pixie stick in her hand too! She ate 3 of those while we were there!Friday we had a family Horseshoe tournament! We draw names out of a hat who are partners are going to be, and Mom creates a tournament board! Dad takes this very serious, and the rest of us just have fun, except for those who want to beat dad!!!! But that didn't happen this year! Dad and Heidi (my cousin) were the Champions!!!Kate, Cambree and Joslyn entertaining each other while the adults played the tournament!After the tournament we decided to take Gus down to the lake for a swim! We bought him a duck to fetch with, so we can train him to hunt! He wasn't so sure about the cold water at first, but after Riley got in with him for awhile he was loving it. He did awesome retrieving his duck! We are so proud of our little baby!!!Mom, Joslyn and Dad came down to the lake with us, to see how Gus would do!Friday night the entire family joined at Uncle Alan's camp and had a pot-luck dinner! There was enough food to feed an army! It's so much fun to sit in a circle and enjoy everyones company! After dinner the kids went crazy in the middle of the circle playing with some soccer balls. The biggest kid of all "Riley" was a huge instigator in this!I hurried and ate my dinner then stole Baby Penny from my cousin Chad and held her the rest of the time! She is such a good baby!Saturday we all gathered at our camp for a bottle rocket!!! My uncle Marvin built this rocket launcher that launches 2 liter bottles! He would put a bowl full of candy on top of the bottle so when they launched it the candy flew everywhere and the kids could race to get it!The little ones also had fun taking turns pushing the button!Gus-Gus was such a good puppy! He loved all the attention he got from everyone too!!!

Most of the family headed home Saturday, but we stuck around until Sunday! So Sunday afternoon we decided to head back to the lake for one last dip!

Riley, Joslyn, Kaylee and Jake (cousin)

Josh, Gus and Riley!!!! Josh took Riley down in the lake, it was really funny! He also got my dad too! If I can figure out how to post video I will post some later!

And this is where I sat, (tailgate of daddy's truck) The water was a little to cold for me!

Me, Kaylee, Joslyn and Mom!

Okay so check out my outfit! I was wearing pants, but it was too hot, so I went in the trailer to change! Riley had given me a hard time earlier about wearing my "comfort cloths"! So this is how I came out, all just to embarrass him!

This was my inspiration!!! Riley helped her put her shoes and socks on and he pulled her socks up as far as they would go and sent her off to play!!! (so yeah my outfit creation was all Riley's fault)

Here we are in our "comfort cloths!" Aren't we cute?

We can't wait until next year!!!!

Mobile Home away from Home!!!!!! :0)

A couple weekends ago Riley and I traveled to Montrose Colorado to pick up our new trailer!!! We met the owner of it when we were in Lake Powell, he emailed us pictures and we thought it was a good deal for us! So one Saturday we drove there to get it.

It's a homemade trailer. He took a truck camper and mounted it on a gooseneck trailer, then made storage compartments underneath. There is enough room on the back for us to haul our Jeep or 3 4-wheelers! It will be perfect for camping and Moab!!!!
We didn't want to drive all the way home, so we stopped in the bookcliffs and camped that night! Gus was in heaven, he loved running around, specially after being in the truck for so long!

We camped by these old little Indian homes! They were following apart, but they were cool!!! It was a short trip, but a fun one, and now we have our own trailer to take whenever we want!!!!

Happy Pioneer Day!!! (I know a little late)

Every July 24th we attend Riley's Family Reunion! We get together for some yummy food, games for the kids, and a Raffle!

Lot's of visiting!!! Calvin, Riley, Rich and Chris
Grandma Crandall!!!!
Callie and I!!! (self-portrait)
Pap Rich, Chris, Lesa, Eric and Riley enjoying the yummy yummy food!!!!