Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My man!!!!

I've been tagged again!!!
What is his name? Riley Hunter T.
How long have we been married? It will be 5 years on the 31st of May

How long did we date? It would have been exactly a year the week after we got married.

How old is he? 27 years old
Who said I love you first? I did!

Who is taller? Riley

Who sings better? Neither one of us!!! Riley has a good voice when he’s singing a long with the radio and doesn’t realize I’m listening. But when he does know I’m listening he sings like a dork!!!

Who is smarter? Book smarter would be me! But common sense smarter for sure Riley!

Whose temper is worse? I'd say we're about equal!

Who pays the bills? Unfortunately that’s my job!

Who does the laundry? Yeah right! It’s like pulling teeth trying to get Riley to do a load of laundry.

Who cooks dinner? I do most of time! But Riley does his fair share!

Who drives when we are together? Most of the time it’s Riley. But every now and then he makes me because I am a horrible backseat driver!

Who is more stubborn? Riley!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I am

Whose parents do you see more? Probably mine, but we see both sets quit often since we all live in the same town!

Who has more friends? We have the same friends!!

Who has more siblings? Riley has 3 brothers, I have 1!!!

Who wears the pants in the family? Riley!

Who eats more sweets? Riley!! I’m more of a salty person. But I love to make treats for Riley!

Who mows the lawn? We haven’t really had a lawn to mow since we got married. (Our first house had artificial lawn… we loved it) Now that we have a lawn I’m going to have to say it will probably be Riley’s job.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.

Who asked who out first? I guess technically I did! It was a group activity but I called and invited him because I had a huge crush on him!

Who kissed who first? Riley kissed me first!

What is my favorite thing about him? Yeah right, like I could only name one thing! I love the fact that he likes to do things with me. If he and his friends are going anywhere I always get an invite! I don’t always go because a guy needs his time with his friends. I love that he can fix anything and that not only can I count on him but so can our Family and friends. I could go on for days about what I love about Riley, but I think one of the things I love the most… he is and always will be a “KID AT HEART!!!” I love that he is always playing with our nieces and nephews. From the time that they are babies he adores them!

I just want to take this time to say: Riley I love you! You’re the best husband I could ever ask for. Thanks for everything you do for me! Most of all, thanks for being so supportive of all of my emotions during this hard time in our lives (I know I'm not the easiest person to be around all the time). I can’t wait to raise a family with you! You’re going to be the best “Daddy” ever!

I Love you Buzzie!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

When the Cat's away the Mouse will play!!!

So Riley left this morning and flew out to Louisville Kentucky for an install. I thought it would get easier for him to go on these trips but I really do hate it! I had a major headache this morning so I didn't do much of anything. But tonight by dad decided to give us a girls night out! So my mom, grandma and I all went to a movie and dinner. We went and saw "Nim's Island." It was a really cute movie, I would recommend it to a lot of people. Then we went and ate at Wingers. We then decided to go for a quick little shopping trip before heading home. And well since Riley is out of town and I'm a little depressed about it I decided to buy me a new pair of shoes! Okay so I ended up buying 3 new pairs. But they are so cute, and I promise to get rid of some old ones in their place! It was a fun night, and well needed by all of us! Thanks Daddy!!

So this is the one pair of shoes I bought! Aren't they so cute? For those of you who know me will remember my White Platform sandals that I had in high school. Yeah I still have them and do wear them sometimes, but I told my mom I would get rid of them if I bought these!!!
I think Riley took my camera so I can't show you exactly what the other 2 pair look like. But they are this style. One of them is blue with pink and white polka-dots. The other is a denim/red and other color plaid. I love the looks of the ballet flats that are totally in style now, but because Riley is a foot taller than me I have to wear the heals. I just love these new shoes!! Shhhhh's "don't tell Riley!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Riley's New Toy!!!!

So this past Saturday Riley made me get out of bed at 5:30 a.m. and ride with him to Idaho! Why you ask, because we needed to go pick up his new motorcycle! He was so excited, he was like a little kid on Christmas morning!

I have to admit I was pretty excited when I got on it and I was tall enough to ride it! I didn't think I would be, but after driving it around the yard and down the street it made me want one of my own. But that's years down the road I'm sure! I'll stick to our 4-wheeler for now!

Congratulations Jeffery & Lacey!!!!

Some of our Best Friends had this handsome baby boy!
Born March 25th! 8 lbs 13 oz.
Wyhatt Slim Alvey!

Congratulations Guys!! We can't wait until it warms up and you can bring that little man and his 2 older brothers over for some BBQ's!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

(Better late than never.) So for Easter this year Riley and I went down to the cabin with his parents. We were hoping his brothers and their families would come too, but they all had something come up!
We went down Friday night after work. We couldn't go to bed before our annual card game! Of course Papa Rich won, and he didn't let me forget it! I tried to get him to play Monopoly with me so I could win my title back, but he told me he threw in the fire after the last time (Riley and Mel!!!) Inside "Family" Joke.
Riley's mom spoils us rotten when it comes to food at the cabin! We woke up to Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Then she made us Sour dough pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns and eggs. I could help but take a picture of my Yummy plate of food! Chris makes the best Sour-dough pancakes topped off with cream and strawberries!! mmm it's making me hungry just thinking about it.
This would be my hubby enjoying his breakfast! Don't ya love his hair?
This would be our shed out back and the snow that never wanted to fall off! So Riley and Rich were out there most of Saturday morning knocking it off!
Riley was so proud when he finally broke through the other side.
When he got all of the snow off he decided it would be fun to get the sled out and sled off the roof! I tried to take a picture of it but my camera has a delay on it and I missed the whole thing. Luckily he didn't get hurt!

This would be a picture I took off the front porch of Riley down on the zip-line! There was a little bit to much snow for someone Riley's size. He kept hitting bottom! But he had fun trying!!