Sunday, September 23, 2007

This wasn't planned!

Carly came over to our Trailer Sunday Morning and was wearing the exact same out fit I had on. So of course we had to take a picture!

Weekend Getaway!!

We we're lucky enough to be able to sneak away this weekend and go camping with some friends. We went up Lake Creek up by Strawberry Reservoir. It was a short trip but we had a lot of fun (even though it rained and snowed on us). We we're only able to go on one 4-wheeling ride before the storms rolled in. It was cold, but so much fun. We love nature and being outdoors! This is my favorite time of year because the leaves are changing colors.

Pictured above: Jake, Sarah, Me, Riley, Carly, Dylan, Grady, Alli, Paula (Carly's mom), Bob (Carly's dad) and Brennan. (Carly's parents came up just for the 4-wheeling ride then they went home.)

2 going on 16

My Sweet Little Niece, Joslyn DaNae turned 2 on Saturday! We had a Princess party for her with family and friends. She had a Cinderella cake that Grandma Maxine made for her! After the party was over Joslyn snuck over to the table climbed up on the chair and pulled the table cloth over until the cake was in front of her. Now there are lots of little fingerprints in it. She was so cute and just giggled and said "I'm being funny!!!" She's a riot, and a talker it's amazing how well she talks. We're so blessed to have her in our family!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Our Family and Friends...

We decided to make this blog to help us find our baby! As all of you know we are adopting and they have told us that the best way to find that special baby is by word of mouth. So we are just asking all of you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. If you know anyone that is thinking about placing their baby for adoption invite them to look at our blog and contact us if they are interested. We are so grateful for all your love and support.

Our Photo Pages...

These are the photo pages that Birth Parents can look at when they are choosing a family to place their baby with at LDS Family Services!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Always, Forever and No Matter What!!"

"We may not have it all Together, but Together we have it all!!!"

After finding out in Aug of 2006 that we wouldn't be able to have kids on our own, we decided to Adopt. We are so excited for this and can't wait for that special spirit to join our family! We're still in the process of getting approved through LDS Family Services but hopefully that will end soon and we can just wait for that precious little baby. We are so Thankful for all the Love and Support we are getting from our family and friends!