Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Traditions!!!!

Every year before Halloween we all get together at Riley's mom and dad's and let the kids decorate cookies!!!! The kids love this tradition and we all love getting together to visit. This pictures kind of dark, but this is me smearing icing all over my nephew Payton! I owe the kid lots of torture for posting a really ugly picture of me on facebook. So this was just one way of getting back at him! Revenge is not over yet "watch your back Payt!"Payton, Jantsen and I continued our little food fight outside so we didn't get icing all over Grandma's house. It was fun and we all ended up with icing everywhere. Including our hair. And surprisingly we only ended up with one little injury, Me! I managed to cut the bottom of my foot open! But it's healing and I'm doing good! (as Riley says, it's my own fault for playing outside without shoes on.) I know I'm suppose to be an Adult to these boys, but I just can't help it, I will always be a kid at heart, and they bring that out in me! :0)

Last weekend my sis-in-law had a Fall Gift Boutique at her house! Mom and I were very busy getting stuff ready for it. We had lots of fun things!

We had "Sneekee" Brand clothing and hats.

Tile with Vinyl Sayings, towel bibs, receiving blankets and bibs, stitchery's, cards etc.
Dad made these cute Solar Light lanterns that look really cute sitting on peoples porches & Josh made a really neat quilt rack (that didn't sell.) We actually have lots of things left over, so if anyone is interested in anything, let me know! The boutique was fun and didn't pretty good, just not as good as the last couple years! I'm sure the economy played a big part in that! All and all it was fun though.

Happy 87th Birthday Grandma!!!

I know this is a little late posting but I just got these pictures downloaded! Riley's Grandma C. Turned 87 on October 14th! We had a big family party for her at Noah's in Lindon. Riley was out of town at that time so I went with his parents. It was a fun night, I always like to see all of the cousins and Aunts and Uncles we don't get to see very often. Not to mention a fun place for a party! Happy Birthday Grandma we love you!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blonde or Black????

Okay so since I have known Riley he has had 2 hair colors! His natural which is a brown and blonde, many shades of blonde. Anyway so this last time he had his hair colored the girl totally messed up on it. So he hasn't been happy with it. So jokingly one day he said he was going to dye it black. Well why we were out shopping last weekend he bought some hair dye, and when we got home this is what we did!
So what do you think? Vote to the right, and give us your feedback!!!
It's a NEW (very different) look!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Babysitting JoJo!

Last weekend Riley and I got to babysit my niece Joslyn. She is soooo much fun. Thursday night we had her while my parents were at a wedding. We played cards, Snakes & Ladders and then played with my old wooden dolls (she loved them). We watched movies and she wanted to watch the movie when "Nana was a Princess" That's what says about my wedding pictures. So Riley and I sat down and watched our wedding video with her for the first time since our First Anniversary. Then I pumped her full of sugar and my mom came and got her!

Then Saturday after Riley and I got home from "Christmas shopping" that's right I said Christmas shopping. We are probably 2/3 of the way done! Anyway we got to babysit her again while Josh went to the BYU game. So this time I put her to work. Okay so I was vacuuming and she wanted to help, she was such a good helper. She wanted to watch our wedding video but I talked her out of it. She was so fun, I love this little girl so much I wish we could keep her!!!! (p.s. when Josh came and got her she made him watch our Wedding video at Mom and Dad's, and then made Mom and Dad watch it with her on Sunday) She's so cute and so smart!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes!!!!

I took last Friday off to help my Mom make 8 cakes! One of my really good friends (Aimee) asked us to make these cakes for her Parents Mission Reunion. They served as Mission Presidents in Switzerland!
Me & Joslyn!!! She wanted so bad to help us, so we gave her some scraps and her own bowl of icing!
Mom making the German Chocolate cakes!
The Swiss Alps!!!
German Chocolate

The Swiss Flag!
A Cow Bell!! I have to admit when we got the pictures from them of some ideas of what to put on the cakes, I had to ask what the cow bell was. But apparently its a really big thing in Switzerland and Mom did an Awesome job on these!

All 8 of the cakes lined up at the Church!

After we took them to the church I headed home to make one more for my nephew Porter's Birthday party on Saturday! He wanted a Soccer ball! (I added my own touch with the Red, White and the U!) GO UTES!! (Riley's family are all really big Ute fans) Mom also made another one Friday night or Saturday morning for my cousins little boy. She made Lightening McQueen (from the movie Cars)!

All and All it was a really busy (kind of stressful) but really fun day! I just hope the people at the reunion like them!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend @ the Cabin!

Conference weekend... Last Saturday Riley flew home from New York, and we headed up to the cabin. When we got there the rest of his family was just sitting down for dinner. After dinner we had a "surprise" birthday party for Porter. That's what he wanted, so when he was in the other room we shut off all the lights and yelled "SURPRISE" when he came out.
Here the kids are with the cake. Porter put his own candles on, can ya tell?
Nick, Porter, Brooks & Ryann
Me & Jantsen
After the little kids were all asleep we got a "mad" game of Rummy going. Playing this game with Riley's family is pretty entertaining. Next time I'm going to put my video camera up somewhere so we can catch all the cheaters, and everyone yelling at everyone. It's lots fun!
Jantsen, Payton, Greg, Laura & Grandma C.
Sunday after the breakfast, and the morning session of Conference we went out to get some wood for the cabin and for me and Riley to bring home for our fireplace. It was soooo cold and a blizzard. Kelly & Riley! Papa Rich in the background.
Payton, Jantsen & Greg
Me! (I tried to help)
After feeling 3 trucks full, we went back to the cabin and cut and split all of it.

Kelly, Riley, Rich & Greg

Payton, Rich, Greg, Riley & Kelly
It was a short, but fun weekend. The food was sooooo yummy (as always). And a lot of work was accomplished before winter hits! (oh yeah, and we got to experience the first snow-storm. I love this time of year)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just the Girls!!!!

A couple weeks ago when the boys were hunting, Mom and I took Joslyn to get her pictures done for her 3rd birthday. We got her this adorable Cinderella Dress and since she is our Little Princess we thought it would be fun to have her pictures taken in it! She was so cute getting ready...She let me curl her hair and I even let her wear my tiara from my wedding. When we got to Kiddie Kandids Joslyn turned really shy and kept saying "I want to go home." So we did everything we could to get her to be okay with it.

I love this picture of Mom and Joslyn. This one was suppose to just be fun, to let her see herself on the computer screen. But we all really liked the way it turned out so it was one of our top picks! And Now.... THE PRINCESS!!!!After we got some really cute ones of Joslyn we took some of the 3 of us!
After getting our pictures done, we went and did some shopping and bought Joslyn a surprise for being so good! I love Girl Time!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Callie!!!

Happy Birthday to my Bestest Friend!!!! We've been through almost everything imaginable together. We cry together, we laugh together...I can't imagine life without her. I'm so Grateful to have her as a friend and most of all now to have her as a Cousin! That's right...we used to always joke when growing up that we would one day be related, and well, by me Marrying Riley our Wish came true! Happy Birthday Callie, I love you!