Sunday, August 8, 2010

4th of July!!!

We spent the 4th of July weekend up at our cabin in Scofield. It was a busy but fun weekend!
Riley got to do a lot of fishing, and did really well!!! This is a pretty big catch, but this picture doesn't do it justice & I can't find the good one!
The little town of Scofield does a Parade & other festivities for the weekend. Our cabin area always has one or more floats in the parade. This year Dad & Riley were asked to drive the old Fire Truck! So Mom and I rode in the back with some kids throwing candy! We couldn't believe how big the parade was this year!
Me in the back of the fire Engine before the parade!
The other float from our Cabin lots was this Pirate ship which won Best Overall!
We went out on the boat and did some more fishing after the parade!
Mom & Dad with Dad's big catch! He really did catch that tiny little thing!
Gus & Gunner! (all tangled up!)
We stayed for the fireworks that night & then the next day we rode over to Fairview to spend the night at the Thorpe cabin with Riley's mom and dad!
Greg & Laura rode up for a couple hours, so we built a fire and made smores!!! They were YUMMY!!!! Jantsen, Greg, Nick & BrooksRiley & Payton! Look at those perfectly toasted mallows!!!If ya can't tell, Brooks really enjoyed his smores!!!
We had a really fun weekend hanging out at both cabins w/both families!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Father's Day!

We celebrated Fathers day by starting off at my parents for breakfast!
Joslyn was tired & talked her Uncle Riley into laying down with her on the patio!
Just relaxing on the patio! Mom, Riley, Dad, grandpa, & Grandma!
Joslyn & Lexi swimming!
Mom & Dad
Riley & Joslyn!
DaddyWe then went to Greg & Laura's for a yummy steak dinner.
Laura, Brooks, Papa Rich, Jantsen & Payton! (sorry this is the only picture taken at dinner!)

Camping over Memorial Day!

This year over Memorial weekend we went camping up by Strawberry Reservoir with my family, the Carter Family, & our friend Jake.The guys made this teeter-totar (no idea how to spell that!) for the kids to help keep them entertained. Ally, Joslyn & Dad
Riley, Grady, Brennan & Joslyn
Me in the trailer. Yes I know it's quit the view of my ever growing baby bump! & Yes I am blow drying my hair, we don't rough it to much when camping!

Family photo! Riley, Gunner, Gus & Myself

Gunner must not have been feeling well from all the junk food he was getting fed so he layed like this for quit awhile. Joslyn sat by him for a good 20 min petting him. This was really the only time she liked the dogs.
This is Joslyn telling us to be quiet because Gunner was sleeping.Mom celebrated his birthday and Riley & I celebrated our Anniversary over the weekend so we made this Chocolate Volcano cake with Marshmallows!!! It was way rich, but so yummy!
Ally & Joslyn wanted to take the dogs for a walk so I put their leashes on them and sent them up this trail. It was more like the dogs taking the girls for a walk. This is what happened on the way down. Gus way ahead of the others leash dragging behind. If you look closely the girls are up higher still trying to walk Gunner.
Here comes Gunner, leash dragging & girls running behind!!!! It was pretty funny!Mom & Joslyn chillin on the 4-wheeler.Riley working on the 4-wheeler, with his little helper right beside him.We went down and did a little fishing. Dad & RileyMom had just had surgery on her toes so she was taking a break reading in the truck while we fished.Riley letting Gunner sit on his lap. Dad playing with the labs in the background. Duke & GusSomehow they got Gunner to sit in the little kids chair. He stayed there a lot longer then we thought he would. Dad, Gus, Gunner & Riley getting warm by the fire!!
We had a fun relaxing long weekend. I can't wait until we can take our little boys camping!

Sunday Drive!

We love to go for a drive on Sunday afternoons after church. The dogs also enjoy these rides. This specific day we went up Diamond Fork canyon & played fetch for awhile!Our little puppies, Gus & Gunner! We love that they love the water. So fun to watch them play! I love outings like this!

Home Improvements!!!

Riley has had so many projects on his list of things to get done before the babies come!!! I am very happy to say that he has pretty much accomplished them all! I wish I had before pictures of this bathroom before he tore out the cabinets & built us knew ones! I love the way it looks! Its so great to be married to a man who can do ANYTHING!!!!
Old is gone, bring in the new!!!
Here's Mr Fix-it bringing in the new cabinets!

I love the look of the new counter tops too!Almost finished!!!
Where's Riley????
Love, love, love it!!!!!

April Birthdays!!!!

We got together at Riley's mom & dads for April Birthdays! Laura, Papa Rich & I all have Birthdays within 8 days of each other.
Blowin out the candles!
Jeff, Jane & I!!! (opening gifts, I got spoiled like always!)

Grandma Chris & Baby Bright!
Kelly & Baby Brighton! Kel & Mel gave me those Camo hats for the babies so we had to try one on Brighton!
Payton showing us his hat trick!!!
We did get together with my family and go out to dinner for mine and my daddy's birthday (which we share!) However I didn't have my camera that night, so mom has all the pictures! I will have to post them later!!!

Camping at the dunes for Easter

We went camping over Easter weekend down at the sand dunes with my family & our friends the Winnies.
Joslyn playing in the sand!
Dad & Ben just being them!!! (these 2 are crazy when you get them together!)
Mom & her Diet Coke!
Camp! Lisa, Melissa, Me & mom
Our friends Jake & Nikki came out for the day to go for a ride!
Coloring Easter eggs! Ben, Lisa, Melissa, Corbin & Joslyn
Josh & Joslyn coloring in the trailer!!!!
Joslyn & her favorite uncle!!!

We woke up Easter morning to snow & freezing because it was so cold none of our generators would kick on for her heaters!!! Luckily Riley was able to get them going!!!
Joslyn came over to see if the Easter Bunny left her anything in our trailer!
He did!!!! She got to find Easter eggs in our trailer too!
After it warmed up a little bit Joslyn talked myself, her Daddy & Uncle Riley into hiding Easter Eggs outside for her! I think we went a little overboard. We had so many eggs for her she filled her bucket up twice!!
Every time she spotted another one she would yell "There's one, and there's another!" She was so excited and so cute!!!! Even though it was a pretty chilly weekend we had a good time!