Saturday, October 24, 2009

RIley's 29th Birthday!!!

I know it was 2 months ago, but we had all of our families and friends over to help us celebrate Riley's birthday, which was Aug 24th. Here he is blowing out all those candles!!! (me trying to duck out of the picture, it didn't work!)
Our beautiful Mothers serving up the goodies!!! My dad holding Jeffery & Lacey's, Whyatt. & our friend Dan.
Mmmm... Dutch oven Chocolate Volcano cake!Grandma & Grandpa!!!Riley opening his gifts.Riley wanted a chainsaw, so I talked my family into going in on it with me and we bought him a really nice one. It will come in handy for our big trees, and firewood for the winter.Happy Birthday Riley. I love you so much! Thanks for all you do for me, and for our families.

August Birthday Cakes!

I had the chance to make 3 Birthday cakes in August. The first one was for my friend Alisha's lil girl, Taylor. She wanted a Runway cake...
The next one was for our nephew Brooks. He wanted a Baseball!
The last one was for Riley. He turned 29 the end of August. He didn't get a choice on what he wanted, I wanted to try my own thing.
Since we love the outdoors and hunting, this is what I came up with. Not the best, but it was fun.