Thursday, March 27, 2008


SO FUN!!!! So this year our city league volleyball team took 1st place!!! We were so excited and had so much fun together! This was our 2nd year playing together (most of us)! Hopefully next year we can do it again!
Top Left-Right: Kris, Maxine (mom), Tara, Renae, Tiffany, Me & Kami
(surprisingly the t-shirts were really cute! I've never had a cute one from any kind of sporting event)
This is a picture of my and my mother!!!! She couldn't play this year because she had back surgery in November! So she was our "coach" and helped us out a lot by her loud voice from the bench!!!! (she was never the quite parent in the stands, or coaching, and I love her for that! She was always my coach growing up and I couldn't have done it without her) She's since then been cleared by her doctor and will hopefully be able to play with us again next year!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ABC's of us!!!!

I'll do my best at answering this for Riley too!

Attached or Single: Attached!

Best Friend: Riley!!! of course but if not him then my Mom, and Callie!
I would hope Riley would say me, but then it would be Dylan & Jeffery!

Cake or Pie: Either just as long as it's Chocolate!
Riley would probably say White cake w/coconut icing

Day of Choice: Saturday, because I get to spend the whole day with Riley.
I'm guessing Riley would say Saturday as well, but that's just a guess.

Essential Item: My wedding Ring! I've already lost one, I'm not letting this one out of my sight!
Riley would probably say his truck or his 4-wheeler!

Favorite Color: Purple

Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Worms
Riley-Gummy Worms

Hometown: Springville
Riley- Mapleton

Indulgences: Baking for Riley and my family!
Riley- I hope he would say my homemade oreos & sugar cookies

January or July: July! Boating, camping, sunshine! (I also get to take the top off my jeep)
Riley- probably would be a toss up, he likes to go snowmobiling so he
might say Jan, but he also loves boating and camping so he could say July

Kids: We're ADOPTING!!!! we're hoping it won't be too much longer.

Life is incomplete without: Riley
I would hope he would say the same.

Marriage Date: May 31, 2003. Salt Lake Temple

Number of Siblings: 1 older brother
Riley- 3 older brothers

Oranges or Apples: Oranges

Phobias: "Bad guys" I hate going anywhere alone! I have serious trust issues w/people I don't know.
Riley-snakes (at least that's the one I know of)

Quote: "A mothers love comes from her Heart not from her Womb!"
Riley would probably quote a movie!!!!

Reasons to Smile: When I get to go places w/Riley and our family & friends.
Riley- hunting, camping, 4-wheeling, boating etc.

Season: FALL!!! Because it's cool but not cold and we get to go Camping & Hunting!
Riley- I'm going to guess he will say the same thing! (i could be wrong)

Tag others: Jane, Erin, Alyssa, Vanessa and anyone else who would like to!

Unknown fact about me: I can't really think of one that people don't know! If I do i will update!

Vegetarian or Meat eater: Meat!! A meal is not complete without meat!

Worst Habit: Backseat Driving! I drive Riley crazy most of the time when we are in the car.
Riley-Jumping to conclusions!

X-rays: I've had my fair share (two words-softball & cheerleading) I've never broken a bone though.
Riley-this is really sad but I honestly don't know for sure, I would guess no.

Your Favorite Food: Mexican!!! Once a week dinner at Lacasita.
Riley's would be a big thick juicy Steak!

Zodiac: Taurus

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff, Ryann & Jackson!!!

Yesterday was Riley's oldest brother Jeff's birthday!!! So we went to their house for dinner along with Jane's family. Today is our niece Ryann's 4th birthday, she loves having her birthday on "Green day". Above is a picture of Gracie, Jeff & Bruce and all of Jeff's *41* candles! (I love giving Riley's bro's and sis-in-laws a hard time about their age, cause they give me a hard time cause I'm so young.)
Jeff, is a die-hard Ute fan so as a joke I wrapped up a bunch of old BYU books and gave them to him as his gift. Then we later gave him his real gift, which was a gift card to Mad Dog Biking.
My mom always made us the cutest cakes growing up and she has kept all of the cake pans! So I've attempted to make a few of them myself. Ryann was having a "My Little Pony" party so I made her this cake, which she loved!
This one wasn't too bad! I baked it Saturday night at like 10:30 and then it only took me like an 1 1/2 hours to decorate!
Ryann is such a little Princess and loves dressing up! So we bought her this cute little Belle doll, a princess night-lite and a princess charm bracelet!

This Thursday will be Jane's nephew Jackson's birthday as well, so we were celebrating that too! This is a picture of him with his big sister Brynn helping him open his presents along with the help of his cousins Bruce and Gracie! (I love watching kids open their gifts cause they are so full of energy and so are all the others around them)
This would be 2 of my cute sis-in-laws, Jane & Mel! Pulling all of those candles off Jeff's cake =) I was giving Jane a hard time cause she was throwing them right into the garbage, and sad but true my family always keeps old candles to reuse them!
This is a picture of all the left-over food, and most of the people (kind of)! We always have way to much food at these get-togethers. But it's yummy food!
Happy birthday Jeff, Ryann & Jackson!


Ok so I've been awful about blogging lately, but for good reason I've been really busy! Promise to still update on that later, when we get all done with the house! But for now a little of what we've been up to!

Valentines Day!!! So last year on Valentines day I snuck over to Riley's work during lunch and "heart attacked" his truck. So this year I did the same thing except I did it the night before, so he would see it when he went to work in the morning! It was his turn to drive to work (he carpools w/Dylan) but for some reason (probably because he knew I would do something) they decided Dylan would drive this day!

Back Window!
We went to dinner w/Dylan & Carly to "Mimi's Cafe" and then attempted to go to a movie but that was a joke, so we ended up just coming home after dinner.

A couple weekends later Dylan brought the kids down to see if we wanted to go to lunch with them (Carly was sleeping cause she worked the night before)! Before we left for lunch we turned the kids loose in the backyard! Hand a kid a rake and he'll have fun for a little while! They loved making piles with the leaves and then jumping in them and scattering them!

I even got Riley and Dylan to do a little clean up!!Here is their Adorable 3 kids! Brennan, Grady & Ally!! (we love these little ones like they were our nieces and nephews, actually they call us Uncle Riley and Aunt Nana)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Gavin Scott Moody!!!

So one of my Best Friends from High-school (actually from elementary school, we've been friends for a long time) had this precious baby boy, born on Feb 28th! It was a stressful time for them because of some complications but look at how perfect he is! To read more about this adorable baby boy click on my friends profile "Vanessa"!

Congratulations Dave, Van & Aspen!!!