Saturday, August 22, 2009

24th of July...Camping trip!

Like always we went camping over the 24th of July! Our good friend Dylan drew an Elk tag this year so we went camping up Hobble Creek so they could go scouting for the big one. Unfortunately the guys all had to work on Friday, but mom and I didn't, so we made them take us up Thursday night. So all day Friday we had "Girl time!"
Mom & Joslyn playing with the cuddlebug & making pictures.
Joslyn painting Grandpa's boards before he got up there!
After doing our "girly things" we thought we better make use of ourselves before the boys got there, so we went and gathered firewood!
Unloading the wood from my 4-wheeler!
It was a really warm day, so Joslyn wanted to go swimming in the Creek! I took her down to put our feet in and show her how cold it was!

Joslyn being a lap monkey!
The boys finally made it! Dad and I cutting up the firewood!
Hanging out around the campfire!
The next morning the boys got up really early and went for a Mule ride to try and find where the Elk were hanging out! Mom, Joslyn and I slept in!

The boys got back before breakfast because Jake had to go meet his girlfriend! Joslyn kept begging to go for a 4-wheeler ride. She had Uncle Riley wrapped around her lil finger! He kept taking her around and around, and every time they came back it was.... "Just one more time....PLEASE!" and he gave in every time!!! He loves that lil girl, and she definitely has the whole family wrapped tight around her lil finger.
Time for target practice! I wanted to shoot, so I set up the target and started shooting & soon everyone joined me!
Have I mentioned how much I love my pink/purple .22?
After lunch we decided to hike up to one of the guys tree stands to set up the tree camera!

Joslyn, Mom & Dad! Jojo was a pretty good sport. She hiked for quite a ways, then Uncle Riley got to carry her!

Me, Riley & Joslyn!
We made it! Dylan, Dad, Jake, Nicki, Riley, Me & Joslyn! Mom is taking the picture!

See Riley all the way there in his tree stand! Jake & Nicki mounting the camera!
Me, Mom & JoslynThe hike down was a little harder on Joslyn! Dad thought he had found a better trail for us to follow with her, but he ended up taking us up & down the side hill! Dad, Mom & Joslyn!
Mom, Me & Joslyn!!!!
Joslyn again wanted to go swimming, so she put her suit on and I took her down to the freezing cold creek! we stayed in it long enough this time that our feet were numb! But it was refreshing after our hike!Dad & Mom relaxing!Me playing fetch with the dogs!!!Gus all tuckered out from all that hiking!Duke (mom & dads dog) hiding out under the trailer!

The guys headed out again that night for another ride! So mom and I stayed back and made them a yummy steak dinner!
Mom & Joslyn shucking corn!
Me cooking the yummy dutch oven, cheesy potatoes!Hanging out the next day eating creamies!!! (that's right we take Creamies & Otterpops when we go camping!) :0) Jake, Dad & DylanMom, Riley & Joslyn relaxing and enjoying their creamies! Joslyn loves her Uncle Riley!

Joslyn singing for me in the back of dads truck! (so nobody else could see her!) The flashlight is her microphone! (P.s. she was singing Mama Mia! her favorite show, yeah she's only 3)Heading out for another hike before packing up to go home!
Dylan, Zach, Dad, Joslyn & Mom!

Riley trailing behind!!!

We had a really fun weekend! And the boys did get into some Elk, so let's just hope they get one now that the hunt is here! Good luck Dylan!

Friday, August 21, 2009

See Slide show below!!!

Like I always say...BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!! So my family went to Lake Powell back in July for 9 days! You can see the pictures in the slide show below! We had a blast, as always! We did a ton of fishing, and were pretty successful! We had perfect weather the entire time, until the last night! We got one quick rain/wind/hail storm. It pretty much tore camp right down! Made for a quick clean up though! We did tons of swimming (of course), cliff jumping, went up to the Indian ruins, wakeboarding, knee boarding, air-chairing, relaxing...etc!!! We even talked the guys into letting us paint their toe nails! There's picture of that too! We had a Great time, and can't wait to go again next year! Hope you all enjoy the slide show!!

Lake Powell!!!