Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More over due post!!! December 2009!!!!

December 2009 was a very busy month for us! The biggest thing being our In-Vitro (post on that later.) We had a lot of other things going on too, which was good because it helped make the time go by fast. First off, we bought a pool table a long time ago & this year we decided we would finish it for Christmas. Riley worked so hard on it, and it turned out so good! Riley also built the light for above the pool table! I love it, we designed it together, but he did all the hard work!For some odd reason, this is the only picture I have from this night. But we all got together at Greg & Laura's to watch the Utah/BYU game!!! Riley & Baby Brighton!
Our nephew Nick got Baptised. Thorpe Family picture!!!
We decided to start a new tradition with the Thorpe family! So we chose a night to get together for yummy food & fun making Ginger Bread house! Me eating dinner with the kids!Riley helping the kids with their houses!Payton & Jantsen making their houses!The final products! Papa Rich & I were the only Adults cool enough to make our own!!!We also made Gingerbread houses with my nieces.
Mom, Dad, Riley, Joslyn & KayleeRiley & Dad were good sports helping the girls out!
We also got a new addition to our family in December! Lesson #1, do NOT go to Sportsman's Warehouse on a Saturday & look at all the cute puppies if you and your spouse are Baby Hungry. We looked at these cute puppies on our way in, and then went and walked around the store contemplating rather or not we were going to get one. Riley really wanted one & I kept thinking to myself, if the In-Vitro doesn't work I would have a baby to cuddle with when I found out. So we gave in and adopted this cute little guy! His name is Gunner! He is a German Shorthair.
Gunner loves his new daddy!!!Me, holding Gunner & giving Gus some attention too! He wasn't sure what to think about the puppy and all the love he was getting! But he warmed up to him really fast.
Riley & Gunner watching T.V.
They both actually fell asleep this way! It was soooooo cute!
We both had work parties that helped pass the time. I didn't have my camera at mine, but it was very nice! Here are some pictures from Rileys!
Me & baby Landon! (I'm the headless one!)Dinner was yummy & then they played the white-elephant gift game & that was pretty entertaining!
They also had a costume contest! Riley, Dylan & Carly & Dean were the only ones cool enough to dress up.

Riley dressed up like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation.
Carly, Dylan, Dean (all elves) & Baby Landon as Santa!

Way Over Due!!! November 2009

So I haven't been much into blogging lately with everything else going on! But I thought I better get some of this stuff posted so when the boys come I can focus on posting about them for all of you!
So November 2009! Our Nephew Nick celebrated his 8th birthday. He wanted a "sports" cake, so this is what I came up with.Nick and I with his cake!Riley with Ryann & Brooks! Our nieces & nephews just adore Riley!
Nick blowing out his candles!
My Big Brother Josh also celebrates his birthday in November! I don't have any pictures from that though, sorry! Happy very-belated birthday brother. Love you lots!
Our good friend Dylan celebrated his birthday the end of October, and we got to celebrate with him and his family! We went out to dinner and then to Pirates Island. Here Dylan is with his kids opening his present. We got him a Sasquatch figurine (long story).Baby Landon!!!
I love the Holidays! This year was our year with Riley's family! Mmmmm. We had a really nice dinner.Baby Brighton, sleeping through dinner!!!

The kids table, I think the boys were already out playing! Gracie & Ryann!
Riley's attempt of taking my picture!!!!
The sis-in-laws cleaning up!!! Yeah don't worry the men were just sitting around visiting! LOL
Thanksgiving pies! Lots to choose from!!! My favorite being the chocolate one (which has the most gone, and no I didn't eat all of that!)