Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Major Blog Update.....

I know I've been horrible about blogging lately, we've just been really busy and I haven't really turned on the computer! But I've got a lot of things to blog about.....


My dear sweet ACCIDENT-PRONE Brother broke his ankle a few weeks ago wrestling with some friends. He just stepped on it wrong and snapped it! So he ended up having to have surgery.

Sommer & Josh right after he got out of recovery! He was eating and drinking and doing everything he could to get out of that hospital!
Here's the picture from his surgery! Yep he's full of Metal now!!!!!
And then......

He ended up getting a really bad infection and they admitted him to the hospital for 6 days! This picture doesn't do the swelling or bruising justice, but he wouldn't move it so I could get a better picture, (this is his good side!)Joslyn & her daddy on Easter! (She didn't like the hospital to much!)
He is home now, still on an antibiotic, but doing better! He's catching up on his loss of sleep!

My Best Friend Callie is getting married on May 8th, so we threw her a bridal shower!

We tied all of her ribbons in her hair! We had a good turn out but I forgot my camera so this picture is from my cell phone and the only one I took! Congratulation Callie & Brad...we love you!


Riley has been busy working around the house! A couple weeks ago when the weather was good we did a major makeover in the front yard, I will post pictures of the "new look" when this winter weather disappears! Meanwhile we have done some work inside the house! I wish I would have taken before pictures but I didn't! So just know that our bathroom had yellow floors! So we decided to lay tile! this is the pre-layout!
Riley measuring things out! (And yes that's our toilet in the shower! along with our shower doors)And the final project! Okay so it's not final because we want to redo the counter tops, but that's down the road aways!


We spent Easter Sunday with my Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa!
We had Yummy dinner and hung out visiting!

Mom & I had to make this fort for Joslyn! She loved it and it kept her entertained for a long time.She even talked us all into getting into it with her at different times of course! Here's Joslyn & Riley! It was a tight fit!Riley & Dad broke away to go upstairs and play the WII!

Mom and I had other plans for the night......We got to go see Wicked in Salt Lake with some good friends of ours! Neither one of us had seen it and we loved it!Mom and I in our seats before it started!
Outside after it was over, waiting for the rest of the crew!
Back row: Heather, Jamie, Me, Heidi & Karen

Front row: Mom, Diane & Nancy!


Mom is getting a new car this week so Riley and I decided to buy her Yukon! So we are sadly selling our Jeep Wrangler and upgrading to a family vehicle, so if/when we get to adopt a baby we have a good vehicle!Not the best picture because it's wet & dark!
And Dirty! But we will clean it once the weather clears up! I am way excited to have this!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!!!!

Last Saturday we went to our friends house (Jeffery & Lacey) to help them celebrate their babies first Birthday! We love this little boy so much, he's our little Chunky Monkey!Riley & Wyatt!
Me, Wyatt & Riley!
Wyatt & Riley playing Peek-a-boo!!! Wyatt was so tired and ready for a nap, but hadn't eaten his cake yet, so Riley kept him happy by playing peek-a-boo with him.
I got to make his birthday cake! It's not my best, I'm not that great at free-hand. But they were having a construction party so I tried!At first he wasn't so sure about the cake! But after getting a taste of it...he loved it!!!!Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt! Thanks for letting us share this special day with you! We love you!