Friday, February 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Ten years ago…

I would have been 14 years old! So that would have put me in Junior High. Sad but true my favorite hang outs were Classic Skating & Regal’s Bowling. I know I was a dork! I loved playing softball and dancing! (still do, but I don’t do the dancing thing much at all anymore.)

Five things I did today…

1. Hit snooze like 8 times and rolled out of bed about 7:50
2. Went to work at the wonderful Proby-Oby
3. Went to the bank
4. Went to our new “old” house and did some clean up for carpet to come tomorrow
5. Got dinner from Zubs pizza and now I’m updating this!!!

What would I do if I became a millionaire…

I would first of all pay off all of my debt, and help my family who need to do the same! Then I would take a nice long vacation. I would buy all the toys you can think of, like a nice toy-hauler 5th wheel trailer w/pop-outs. Some new 4-wheelers & snowmobiles. A new boat and anything else that I can use to spend time playing with my family and friends. As you can tell I’ve thought about this before, what I would if I had a lot of money!

Five Jobs I’ve had…

1. Babysitting (I did a lot of that as a teenager)
2. Utah Lake State Park Gate Girl (I took the money at the entry gate, that was a fun job and a good way to meet new friends while in high-school)
3. Dental assistant for Dr. Holmes (endodontist)
4. Aspen Home Loans
5. Currently Provo Ob-Gyn (I love my job; it’s been good and bad to help me with the whole infertility thing!)

Snacks that I enjoy…

1. Pepsi (I think I’m a little addicted)
2. Chips & Salsa
3. Cheetos
4. Junior Mints
5. Cookies

Five Places I’ve lived…

1. Springville, Utah
2. Mapleton, Utah
3. Provo, Utah
4. Springville, Utah
5. and oh yeah did I mention Springville, Utah? (I’m getting ready to move into my 11th home in my short 24 (almost 25) years. But all but one have been in my home town of Springville/Mapleton

I tag…

Jane, and any and all of my friends and family who are reading this!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Days!

So I know I have been really bad about updating the blog lately! I have some things I want to put on here, I just haven't had time to download the pictures yet! But for those of you who don't know what we have been up to, we have a really good excuse for not updating! We are remodeling Riley's Grandma's house so we can move in! She's been living with her daughters for weeks at a time, and they decided the house has been empty for too long! So Riley and I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to live there! So we have been busy tearing down wallpaper (that was a ton of fun, not!) and now we are re-texturing and getting ready to paint before our new carpet comes on the 1st! I will post pictures when I can! Hope all is well with everyone and I promise I will be better about blogging when we are moved in and settled!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adoption Profile!

Our Adoption Profile is finally online! I added the link to the right! You can also find it by going to search adoption profiles and put in our names RileyAndSavannah

We are so excited to finally get this up and running! Hopefully it won't be to much longer!

Monday, February 4, 2008


So a couple of weeks ago we had a Stake Relief Society breakfast/meeting! I wasn't going to go, but Saturday morning rolled around and I knew I needed to go. With the hole adoption thing I have been an emotional wreck. It's quit the emotional rollercoaster. But the first speaker was a Friend of the family Marilyn Mortensen. The topic of her talk was "A House of Faith." I sometimes forget to rely on my Faith, but she gave some really good quotes that touched me, so I thought I should share them:

"Faith is the great moving power that will help us move forward in our lives..." President Hinkley.

"God is your Eternal Father, what a Marvelous birth right this is."

"Stand tall and live the gospel."

"Faith is not knowing that he can, Faith is knowing that he will."

Our guest speaker was a women named Diane Schmidt. She also gave a really good talk and had some wonderful quotes:

"We chose our most difficult challenges, because we wanted character."

"We must have TRUST in our Heavenly Father to help us get through our trials."

Our final speaker was our Stake President; President Norman. He gave one quote that hit me hard, because I believe that Heavenly Father is trying to teach me patience in waiting for that precious child to come into our family. He quoted:

"Building an Eternal Home takes a lifetime!"

I've had many trials in my life as I know all of you have had. But if we keep our faith and turn to it and our Heavenly Father we will be able to overcome these trials!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Lyla Jayne!!!!

One of my really good friends from High-School had her beautiful baby girl on Jan 26th!!! This is child #2 for Erin & Corey! Lyla has an adorable older brother!
Congratulations Erin!!!!