Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've been tagged....

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch
CSI Miami
Days of Our Lives
Myth Busters
Everyone Loves Raymond
American Chopper
8 Favorite Restaurants
La Casita
Ruby River
Costa Vida
Red Robin
Training Table
8 Things that happened yesterday
Cried when Riley left me for 9 days for work
Went to Work
Went shopping
Went to Callie’s for her Birthday Dinner
Went to Mom & Dads
Talked to Riley on the phone
Fed & Watered Gus
Went to Bed
8 Things I'm Looking Forward to
Riley coming home
Becoming a Mom (hopefully)
Did I mention Riley coming home???
Becoming a mom!!!!

8 Things on my wish list
A Baby
A Vacation
A Baby
Clean House
A baby
A new car
A baby
did I mention A Baby?
I Tag

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Joslyn!!!!

Our sweet little niece Joslyn turned 3 last Monday! We had a party for her with some family and friends on Sunday.
She is our little Princess so of course we had to have a Princess party. Mom made her this castle cake.

Sorry this one is a little fuzzy, but here's Joslyn posing with her cake, and next to her some of her MANY gifts.

The kids had fun with this pinata. I like this design. Instead of hitting it they pulled the strings and the magic one makes the candy fall out. So it can be reused.
JoJo opening her gifts. She loved this Cinderella cup Riley and I gave her along with a bunch of other princess things. She was way spoiled, as always!!!!
Happy Birthday Princess.... We love you Very Much!

Happy Fall!!!

This past week Riley went Deer Hunting down at the cabin. I went down and met him Friday night.

The colors were amazing, I love Fall up in the mountains!

This first picture I believe there is an Elk somewhere in it, but I can't find it so Riley will have to point it out to me, and yeah that's his hand too!

This picture is one I took of Gooseberry Reservoir. I love the reflection on the water!

Overall it was a really nice weekend, except for Riley didn't get a Deer. Hopefully he will be around to get one on the Rifle hunt.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yet Another...Weekend Camping Getaway!!!!!

Last weekend Riley and I went camping with Jake, Dylan and his kids. Carly had to work all weekend! We went up Strawberry River and had such a fun time. It was hot, cold, rainy, hot cold, rainy....etc.
This is our self-portrait! Ya gotta love Riley's hair! (I think)
I love Fall...This picture doesn't do the colors justice. It was so pretty up there, I love this time of year when the colors are changing!
Saturday morning while Riley and I were making breakfast, Dylan and Jake took the kids and went to find some fire wood! This is what they came back with! Can you believe they let the kids ride it back.
Just kidding the kids were in the truck, we took that picture to get arise out of Carly!
We all took turns sawing the log. Okay so I only cut like 2 pieces, but I still helped. Jake, Brennan, Dylan & Riley
When we let Gus off of his leash we had a hard time getting Ally and Grady off of Jake's 4-wheeler.
This is Dylan getting a buzz off of these energy drinks! (the guys thought they needed a little help with sawing the log, so they all downed a couple of these)
We took Gus to a little pond to go swimming. It took him a minute (and Riley throwing him in) to get used to it.
Then Riley and I took Jake & Dylan on in a Horseshoe game. Yeah We WON!!!! We were suppose to play the best 2 out 3, but after getting beat by a Girl and her husband, Jake & Dylan didn't want to play anymore! My very first throw was a "ringer" it was awesome, Jake was like..."What the..????" I think that was the only one I threw the whole game but it was still funny to see their faces!
The guys made this teeter-tater (no idea how to spell that) for the kids. They had fun playing on and using it as a balance beam as well. Dylan's parents Ma & Pa Carter came up Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning!
Riley & Jake cooking breakfast.

A picture of our Camp!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I LOVE my husband! I've had a rough couple of weeks and he came home from work the other day with these beautiful roses!

Another One....

Last week we had a baby shower at work for one of the girls! Leya! So I made this Teddy Bear cake! It turned out pretty cute!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

7 years.......

Riley has been buggin me for 6 years about going on a horse ride (MULE RIDE) with him. My last time on an animal was 7 years ago. My parents have always had animals, and I used to love to ride, I don't know for sure what happened to me, I've never actually been hurt on one, but for some reason I've been scared to death to get on one! Well Riley and my dad were going on a ride this weekend with some friends to go spot some elk. Well their friends dogged out on them, so I agreed to go. Because I was going, my mom said she would go too. We got up at 4:45 a.m. and left the farm at 6:00. We had a nice long ride, got into some elk, and sat and listened to them bugle back and forth. We never did see any of them, but I love to listen to them. We were gone until 2:00 p.m. I have to admit it was really fun! I'm way sore (out of shape) but I'm really glad I went!

Me on Bo (Rambo), Daddy on Crazy Casey
Riley on Buck
Riley and I taking a break!
Mom and I
Mom and Dad by Bonsai
I'm really excited for Fall. I love the mountain air, cooler weather and the color changes!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours....

The above video is one of my favorite songs! My parents gave Riley and I this book by Michael McLean when we first started the Adoption process. I love to go into our family room and read it and just bawl my eyes out when I'm home alone. I know that sounds horrible but its a good way to remind me that we're not alone. There are a lot of people going through the same thing we are. My other favorite song in this book is one called "The Gift"....

"Some of the healing in the adoption process comes from knowing that one family's unselfish choice will open the door for another family's sweetest blessing. How does a couple take the news that they can't bring babies into the world? How long does it take them to surrender their dreams in favor of God's will? The faith they develop in that journey will help them find the faith they need to raise a child to be all that he or she was mean to be, and the gratitude that comes when such a gift is given is almost beyond expression."
When I was a little girl I held my dolls like children
When the news was shared with me
That all those dreams could never be
It became the deepest grief my heart had ever known
There's a man who tried his best to comfort me with roses
Promising he'd find a way to make those dreams come true
To heal my heart but nothing would
And when it seemed that we'd done everything that faith could do
A wondrous gift was given with a phone call straight from heaven
"There's a child that's nearly due that a young girl's giving you"
She gave more than just one life
When she made of this man and wife
A father and a mother when she gave the gift
We could not give each other.
More than we can ever say
Our hearts give thanks to heaven
Every time we hold this child we feel we hold the world
Words will never be enough to share the way our family feels
But with every breath we breathe we want to tell that girl
And sweetness lingers here
In our hearts and thoughts and prayers
You gave more than just one life
When you made of this man and wife a father and a mother
And you gave the gift we could not give each other
You have changed our lives forever
We could not give each other.
I can't even begin to express what it was like to hear the news that we would not be able to have children on our own. I can't begin to express the heart ache we feel on a daily basis. I'm not writing this for sympathy. I'm writing this with excitement. These songs are a reminder to me that what is in our future is the greatest blessing we will ever be given! I know our father in heaven is trying to teach us patience. I try to understand this, I say I know why, but I question it every day! I just wanted to share that I do have a testimony of Families! I know a family can be together FOREVER. And I know Riley and I will be given that chance one day! So I've said it a million times before and I'll probably say it a million times again but THANK YOU! To all of our friends and family, for your understanding on a bad day, for you love, prayers and kind words. We couldn't do this without you, and we are so excited to one day share our joy with you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day!!!!

Labor day weekend.... Riley and I decided to go camping, just the 2 of us. We went up White River. We stayed in this camp spot a couple years ago with my family and luckily it was available this weekend. We had a fun relaxing weekend just the 2 of us. We didn't do a whole lot of anything. We played with Gus Gus, went on one 4-wheeling ride (And yes Gus went with us, and he rode on the 4-wheeler). We watched some movies, I read a book, Riley took some naps, we shot our guns, all 'n all it was a GREAT weekend.

Sunday afternoon Josh, his girlfriend Summer, and their kids came to see us for a couple hours. The kids had fun playing on the trailer, and we let Josh & Summer shoot our guns.
Hayden & Joslyn
Josh (I know... bad timing, he would probably kill me if he saw I posted this picture.)Riley cooking our yummy Dutch Oven Potatoes and Steaks.
The batteries in my camera died or there would be more pictures. It rained all night Sunday night and all day Monday. I wish I could have taken pictures of the fog rolling in over the mountains it was so pretty. We went for a drive Monday and decided the roads were too wet and muddy to get the trailer out. So we left it there and Riley and his dad are up getting it as I post this.

Cake Creation!!!!

Okay so as I mentioned in a previous post I've been itching to make a cake (yeah the other one I made didn't really fix that itch.) So on the last Friday of every month Riley's work has a BBQ... since it was Riley's birthday I decided to make him a cake and take it to his work. Riley loves the Simpsons so I made him this Bart Simpson cake. The black shirt with the Green W is what their work shirts look like. I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out!

Oh yeah, you like the green stove underneath? It's my favorite part of my kitchen! :0)