Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cow Dung Run...Riley makes the DNF list along with Shawn!

A couple weekends ago we headed down to Delta so Riley could race in his first Desert Cross Race! The Cow Dung Run! We went down Friday night to get a place on Pit Row! Saturday we woke up early so Riley could get ready to race! The big bike race was scheduled to start at 12:30! It was a long wait! Riley's buddy Shawn who we went and watched a couple weeks ago was also racing. He is in the Expert class so his group started! Unfortunately another bike ran into him and he wrecked pretty good at the start. He managed to get back up and race but when he came in from the first lap he couldn't remember anything and was taken to the Hospital with a concussion! Riley had a pretty good start! They had to cross the Severe River a few times & on one of the crossings another bike came up behind Riley knocking them both into the water! Riley's bike got water logged and he couldn't get it started again. Dylan did really well for his first time. I was glad he knew that Riley was okay when he came into Pit Row so I wouldn't have to worry about him! All & all it was a really long day! Riley had to wait until the race was over for someone to go pick him and the other 25 bikes that were broke down up. He didn't get back to the trailer until 5:30. Dylan ended up coming in like 24th, and Riley & Shawn both made the "DNF" list..."Did Not Finish!" It was a good expierence for Riley & Dylan and luckily Shawn is doing good, no major damage! We're looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff & Ryann!

March 16th was Riley's oldest brother Jeff's birthday. March 17th was our niece Ryann's birthday. So we got together and had a big family bash at Jeff & Jane's the Sunday before. We forgot our camera that night so we didn't get any pictures.
But I got to make Ryann her birthday cake for her "friend party!" She wanted a pink butterfly so here is the final product!
Happy Birthday Jeff & Ryann....we love you lots!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Volleyball Champs!!!!!

We did it again!!!! We've been playing in the Springville City Women's Volleyball League since January! Last Thursday night we played 3 hours in a tournament, and happily went undefeated the entire night! A few of us have been playing for years together, & this year we added a few new ones!! Back row: Mom, Kris, Kami, Dani
Front row: LonaMarie, Ranae, Tiffany & Me!
Here we are with our Champion T-shirts!
Ranae, Mom, Kris, Kami, Dani
LonaMarie, Tiffany, Me!
Thanks ladies for another fun season!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rhino Rally

Last weekend Riley & I went down to St. George to watch a friend of ours (Shawn) race in the Rhino Rally! Friday night we got down there checked into our condo & went to meet Shawn & his friends for dinner. Then Saturday was the race, so we spent most of the day there! It was cool to see! Here's Shawn in his Van that he uses to transport his bike.
This isn't the best picture, but way off in the back is PIT ROW. It's a very long line of trailers that the bikes ride up in the middle of the race to refuel and do what ever else is needed to their bikes!

Shawn's Little brother & friend Carson & Riley, waiting for the race to start!
This is Shawn as he finishes in 4th out of 300 riders! It was really fun for Riley & I to go watch this. Riley really wants to start racing! (I know, I know) But like he says in 2 years he'll be able to ride with the 30 & older class, not with these young bucks like Shawn!!!! Riley's also hoping our kids will want to do this when they get old enough, like 4 or 5!!!!!

After the race on Saturday we went back to the Condo and went Swimming. It was so nice there! Then we went & met Shawn & his family at the reward ceremony & then out to dinner! Sunday Riley got up and went for a ride, I slept in! Then we headed home! It was a fun quick getaway! Thanks Shawn for letting us come watch! Thanks Mom & Dad for letting us stay in the condo!!!!