Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our big News!!!

I know I still have some things to post about from last year, but I thought I better explain the countdown on the twins! Riley and I have been trying to conceive or adopt a baby for 4 1/2 years now. We had a couple adoption opportunity's that never worked out. So after 2 1/2 years of heartache with that, we decided to try In Vitro fertilization. We did the actual procedure in December. We found out on Dec 26th, that it worked and I was pregnant! We had our first ultrasound on Jan 8th and found out we are having TWINS!!!! We got to see their little heart beats! We are so excited to share this news with all of you! Thank you so much to our dear friends and family for all of your support over the years! I don't know how we could have gotten through all the ups and downs without you! Now on to our next adventure!!! :0)

Baby Landon Robert Carter

Our dear friends Dylan and Carly had a baby boy in October!

Riley meeting baby Landon!
Ain't he cute? We are so excited that our babies will have a good friend just older then them!

Happy Birthday Porter!

Our nephew Porter turned 8 in October!
I got to make him a Basketball cake!Me loving the cuddles from Baby Brighton!Uncle Riley & Baby Bright!

Happy 4th Birthday Joslyn!

My sweet lil niece Joslyn turned 4 years old on Sept 22nd. We didn't get to see her so we had a small little party for her after Grandma & Grandpa's anniversary celebration!Opening gifts! I made that tutu for her! I think she likes it! But I know she loves the leotards we gave her to go with it. Grandma made her, her own little cake with polka dots!
Happy Birthday Joslyn! We love you very very much!

Happy 50th Anniversary!

October 10th 2009 was my Grandma and Grandpa Bona's 50th Wedding Anniversary! We had a nice dinner party for them!Even though Grandpa has Althemizers & wasn't really sure what we were celebrating, he got teary eyed at the party, because he knew we were all there for them, and how much we love them!Yummy dinner with Family!Me & Joslyn!
Josh & Joslyn
My mom made them this gorgeous cake! Grandma said it was prettier then the one she had at her wedding!Cutting the cake! It was a fun celebration! We love you Grandma & Grandpa so much! Thank you for all you do for us!

Fairview & Fireplace

Every year we have to cut/split firewood for the cabin. Riley and I also have a wood burning fireplace in our home so we went to Fairview to cut/split some firewood for the winter! Gracie (our big helper), Riley and Chris. Hard at work
Taking a break for Kodak moment!
Working hard
After cutting all that firewood Gracie wanted to go for a 4-wheeler ride! I even let her drive!
My favorite thing about the cabin! When Papa Rich gets his guitar out and plays & sings for us.
Riley & Chris cooking our yummy dinner!
Me & Gracie reading on the couch!
The new insert we bought for our fireplace, to help heat our house!

Deer Hunt 09

We went to our cabin in Scofield for the Deer Hunt with Mom and Dad! (yes this too was back in Sept) We had a lot of fun! We spent one whole day on a very long 4-wheeler ride! Mom and meMe, Dad & Riley taking a break!Dad & Riley watching a couple nice 4 points run up the mountain.The next day Riley and Dad wanted to go fishing, but we didn't take the boat up, so they decided to take the dock out! (I know these 2 are crazy!)It's a good thing mom and I love them! They had a hard time getting back in, so we had to pull them! We had a lot of fun though! Some good laughs!

Our New Niece!

Riley's brother Kelly & his wife Melanie had a new baby girl, Brighton Noma Thorpe on Aug 27th!
Uncle Riley & Baby Bright

Aunt Nana and Baby Bright

Elk Hunts!

A little late comin.... But last Aug/Sept we had the opportunity to go Elk hunting with our good friend Dylan! Here he is with Riley and his big kill!Then we went camping/hunting with my Uncle Boyd! Here he is with his big kill!
Riley packing the RACK off the mountain!
This is what mom and I did while the boys were on the mountain!!!!