Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gracie Girl turns 8!!!

Our niece Gracie turned 8 on June 29th. Her and her friends are all into the "Hippie Peace-sign" so that's the kind of cake she asked for. I got to make 2 of them for her this year, one for her friend party and one for the family party.

Then on July 4th she was baptised!!
The kiddo's! Jantsen, Payton, Porter, Nick, Brooks, Gracie & Ryann

The whole family!!!!
Happy Birthday Gracie Girl! We love you so much and we are so proud of you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Reunion!!!

Every year my dad's extended family gets together up the canyon for a BBQ. There's lots of yummy food, games for the kids, fishing & water fights!!!For some reason the water fight starts off with a few little kids with squirt guns and turns into a major fight between the adults! Mom and Dad usually are right in the middle of it.
Riley, Dad & Mom! I luckily stayed dry for the most part....until the end dad got me, but not as bad as these 3 were!!!!I spent some time on the swings watching the kids chase candy that was being shot out of a little cannon!!!!Josh was the only one interested in fishing.....look at the monster he caught!
It was a fun afternoon.

Father's Day!!!

Like I always say....Better late than never when it comes to blogging right!!!! We had a really good Fathers day!!! It started off a little late because Mom and I were on the road home from Cedar City. When we got home we headed down to my parents to hang out for awhile.Joslyn and Grandpa! I love you daddy!!! Thank you for all you do for me, for all you've done for me throughout my life! You have always been there for me and it means so much! I love you "___________________THIS________________" much and then some!!!!
Mom & Dad!
Me & Grandma Evey!
Joslyn and her Daddy! 4-wheeling in the golf cart! Happy father's day Big Bro... I love you lots!My hottie!!! Riley, I know your not a father yet, but when that day comes that we get our precious little one, you are going to be the most amazing daddy! Thank you for all you do for me I love you lots!
Papa Rich, Jeff & Greg (Riley's oldest 2 brothers...not pictured Kelly)
Happy Fathers day guys! We love you lots, thank you for all you do for us!
Baby Avery & Chris. This cute little girl is Riley's cousin's baby! She is such a happy little thing! She is adopted! Luckily Trevor & Lynsie had better luck with their adoption then we have! Things went really well for them, and they were so blessed to get this adorable little girl! We are so excited to have our own story and cute/fun little baby to love and adore.
After dinner we all headed out to the fire pit at Jeff & Jane's to roast marshmallows!!!
Happy Father's Day to all of you amazing men!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Utah Summer Games!!!!

A couple weeks ago Mom and I headed to Cedar City to play Volleyball in the Utah Summer Games! This is our first time ever going and we had a lot of fun. We have never played with the team we went down there with but we didn't do so bad! All and All it was a fun mother-daughter getaway! Thanks mom, love ya lots!

Scofield Annual Fishing Derby & dinner

Every year we go to our cabin in Scofield for the Annual Fishing Derby! 2 years ago my Mom won the Women's, last year I won, this year Mom won again!!!!

For any of you that know Riley know that since he joined our family he hasn't been that lucky when it comes to fishing! Well I think his luck has changed. He caught the first fish that weekend, and the most!

After the fishing is over the community gets together for a potluck dinner and a bake sale. This year we were big suckers for the bake sale. Mom and I both bought the cute snack jars full of Carmel popcorn, dad bought the cookies and strawberries and Riley bought the German Chocolate cake! Needless to say we were all feeling fat after the weekend was over!

We had a really good time at the cabin though. We played cards, watched movies and just enjoyed each others company! Oh yeah and Mom and I kicked the boys butts at hand & foot (card game)