Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pregnancy Photos!!!

The few photos I took as my belly got bigger!!
12 weeks
17 weeks
19 weeks20 weeks24 weeks (the only frontal view I would let Riley take)24 weeks29 weeks
35 weeks (this was a familiar look for me as the babies moved & my tummy went totally lopsided. hee hee silly boys!)35 weeks
My sister-n-law set up a professional Maternity Photo shoot for me! I wasn't sure I wanted to do these (after all who wants FAT pictures taken) But I am so very glad I did!
This picture is to show how I'm going to have my hands full!!! (The cowboy boots were given to me at my shower by my dear friend Alyssa!)
2 babies in there!
This was just for fun! My mom, twin A's boots, me, twin B's boots & Jane
My note to my little ones! "Love you, can't wait to meet you!"
This is one of my favorites!!!!