Saturday, November 6, 2010

It all Falls Down!!!!

We live in an older home so we have a lot of big Mature trees in our yards & we've hated not being able to see out our front windows. So Riley decided one day to get rid of our big pine tree. With help from our neighbors and our parents it actually went really fast.The view from across the street!!!Riley getting started, view from our garage!

Riley up getting some of the lower branches off!
One of the members in our ward came to help, so Riley cut a notch out of the bottom & they tied a chain around it, hooked it up to a truck and it all Falls down! Luckily it wasn't too far in the road, we thought for sure it would cover the whole road.Our parents were great to come help pick up the mess & haul it away!Our moms!!!Riley, Chris, Rich, Dad & MomI was supposed to be on Bed rest, but couldn't stay away from the action, so I got a chair & barked out orders! (not really) but I had to take a picture to prove that I was there too! & Yes I was ready to pop!!! (2 weeks before the babies came!)You can actually see our house now & we can see down the street better!!!
Riley cut this tree out last year, but left the stump. Here he is pulling out the roots so so we can pour concrete & extend our driveway!